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Swell & Warm Water, In My Heart, You Are Alive 📷 @raymondso2013

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You were one of the good ones for sure.


A bright spirit like yours has the capacity to inject happiness within others, a gift many of us strive to accomplish. But even at your young age, you mastered that skill.

We both always knew there were other places, other worlds, other dimensions. But I was wrong to think that you’d be here long. There are some of us who do their job much more efficiently before they move on to the next thing.

You showed true power. Remember the first pro stand-up contest you entered at Turtle Bay? How when you made it out of the semis, your board hit you in the mouth, which created a deep gash on your lip? When you insisted on super glue over getting stitches because you just made the final? Of course you do. I won’t ever forget it either.

You also displayed sincere gratitude to our mother earth, showing people that Mahalo is more than a word. It’s a state of being, one where appreciation for our planet and the souls around you magnifies with each sincere smile. Love is viral and you were one of the best hosts.

You always impressed me with your ability to phoneticize famous sayings to attune it to images of the ocean. But of course, your upbringing was about full immersion and understanding with the sea, so much that it shaped your language.

Your impact will live on with those who will continue to spread your influence. I imagine the number is large; you were an emissary of Aloha; showing people the power of an enlightened heart.

You were gone too quickly; but that’s just my opinion. I know that time is an illusion and what truly matters is the magnitude of those times and the fact they happened at all. True presence is an art in itself, and you surely were an inspirational artist.

Be well, Sophia.

Sea ya next chime 🙂

Editor’s Note: Steve Andrews met Sophia Tiaré Bartlow while working for the Stand Up World Tour.