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Constantine Theoharis is a 52-year-old real estate agent. He’s an experienced waterman. And, according to a Florida news report, he apparently owed around $500,000 in child support. That’s why some people are taking a cynical view of his recent disappearance while family members remain extremely worried.

Theoharis was last seen March 20th on a blue paddleboard. Police say he was seen in a random surveillance video heading north on the Atlantic Ocean near Fort Lauderdale around 6:30 a.m. He was reported missing three days later. His cousin, Chris Damian, who reported him missing told police that Theoharis had apparently “been depressed lately and they usually talk by phone daily… He was depressed over a recent divorce and child support payments but he was not suicidal.” He added that “child support issues could have forced him to leave the U.S. because of pending upcoming court action for nonpayment.”

Theoharis was under a lot of pressure, according to family, as he was also taking care of parents with dementia. His blue paddleboard, swim fins, dive mask and a weight belt were missing and his family and friends are worried he may have committed suicide or had a health issue on the water. But no one seems to be ruling out the angle that Theoharis might have escaped to another country even though the man didn’t have his passport with him. Nearly a month on and authorities have found no sign of the board or other equipment anywhere in the area.


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