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Every so often a surf film comes along that defines a moment, navigates a transitional period, or looks towards the sport’s future. Films like Momentum, Modern Collective, even Endless Summer come to mind. Now there’s a new film to be added to the nexus of groundbreaking surf cinema and the world’s just been granted a peek.

View From A Blue Moon is the coming film starring John John Florence from masters of 4k cinema and drones, Brain Farm productions. In fact, the entire film was shot in crystal clear, ultra HD 4k. Aside from being a profile film, focussing on just John John, the film appears to be an ode to the beauty of surfing, as seen through the new trailer. There’s plenty of heli footage in the new clip with JJF and friends scoring perfect waves all over the world. It’s almost like a National Geographic exposé, showing the life of the wild John John Florence in his natural habitat through incredibly high-def footage.

And adding to the NatGeo feel is a strange narration dubbed over the top of the trailer. “This is a film about John John Florence,” says the ominous (yet quite obvious) narrator towards the end. Perhaps that technique is a ploy to reach further audiences beyond surfers; we all know what the film is about/who John John is. But due to the calibre of cinematography, perhaps this film could be marketable to the masses. After all, the new, extended trailer shows some absolutely stunning shots that anyone could enjoy. All the magnificent helicopter aerial shots aside, here’s one of our favorites:

View from a blue moon 2

View From A Blue Moon releases on December 1, 2015.


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