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The Inertia

Nic von Rupp spends a lot of his time tumbling around under water. He surfs for a living, after all, and part of surfing is wiping out. Nic von Rupp, though, surfs waves that most people don’t, so a Nic von Rupp surf wipeout reel is a real spectacle.

He surfs waves like Nazaré. He surfs Cave, he surfs Mullaghmore. Really he surfs any kind of wave, but the bigger and scarier the better. In the course of his pro surfing career, Nic has stacked up quite the inventory of clips. He doesn’t see wiping out as a failure — quite the opposite.

“Some people see wiping out as something negative; like some sort of fail,” he says.  “I thrive off wipe outs. When you’re wiping out, it’s sign you are pushing your boundaries, you’re pushing that line of what’s doable and what’s not.”

See more from Nic von Rupp on YouTube.


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