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No disrespect intended here, Jeremy Flores. We're glad you're OK! Photo: WSL/Masurel

No disrespect intended here, Jeremy Flores. We’re glad you’re OK! Photo: WSL/Masurel

The Inertia

No disrespect to Jeremy Flores here, but sometimes it’s nice to know that Championship Tour surfers are real people just like you and me. For all the flying around the world, surfing the best waves with aplomb, it often seems like professional surfers live the dream life. Everywhere they turn up the waves are pumping (and if they’re not, sponsors fly them to somewhere that is pumping). Every single wave is surfed with well-calculated, well-timed turns and maneuvers. Never do they go over the falls or do something equally embarrassing like the rest of us occasionally do. Everything they touch is gold. Etc., etc.

You’d be forgiven if that was your impression. But, professional surfers are real people like you and me that just happen to be insanely gifted in a certain aquatic discipline.

Nothing illustrates that better than Jeremy Flores’ little mishap in his Round 3 matchup against Kanoa Igarashi. Between threading pits left and right, Flores paddled for one of the bigger waves in the heat, got caught up in the lip, and, well, just watch the rest. Thankfully Flores escaped the elevator drop unscathed.



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@floresjeremy taking a HEAVY wipeout 😱 MEO #RipCurlPro @meoinstagram @ripcurl_europe @portuguesewavesseries

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Show us anyone who tells you they haven’t done this a time or two themselves, and we’ll show you a liar.



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