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The Inertia

“It is in anguish that man gets the consciousness of his freedom,” writes Jean-Paul Sartre. An anguish, he explains, that one feels standing at the edge of a steep cliff in fear that they might hurl themselves off of it. Sartre points out people are free to jump, but for most the prospect terrifies.

In the same way, it would seem, humans are free to throw their surfboards at fellow surfers gliding along in the tube. Just like jumping off a cliff, though, spearing someone else is a bad idea. So don’t do it.

In a recent PSA, the dudes from the Raglan Surf Report assess the obvious dangers of an errant board in perfect deadpan.


“I know it’s an instinctual reaction to throw your surfboard at an oncoming surfer,” the video explains, “but there’s an alternative way. Just hold onto your surfboard with your left and right hand.”

Safety first!


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