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The Inertia

Surf fights never cease to enthrall in our little corner of the world. Probably because most of us have been part of heated conversation in the water at one point or another. Have we had our boards pounded to the point they require ding repair? Probably not. At least, hopefully not.

But alas, such was the case during a recent incident in Oceanside, Calif., as documented on the YouTube channel of one Jacob “Zeke” Szekely – a video which is now moving its way towards viral status on the “Tube” (as are other, ahem, less-objective versions on other platforms).

“The video pretty much tells everything you need to know,” Szekely told us when we asked him about it.


The gist? Well, according to Szekely’s video, three surfers from inland Southern California (“Riverside kooks,” he tags them) were surfing the same general area as Szekely and his friends. As documented, the surfers continually dropped in and/or cut off his crew, putting a damper on this particular session.

Well, after Szekely gives the accused a little friendly feedback on surf etiquette, the longboarder sporting longer hair and a red suit goes absolutely ballistic, pounding Zeke’s board into a state of disrepair.

Now, to be fair, “Zeke,” (a gifted rider of waves) has had documented lineup run-ins before. And it’s not entirely clear what was said between the young aerialist and the visiting surfers that set off the longer-haired, red-suit wearing bloke. But there were some serious breaches in surf etiquette taking place. Of course we’ll let you, the audience, judge the situation. Regardless, it was not pretty, by anyone’s account.

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