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Northern Sumatra plays host to some of the emptiest waves in all of Indonesia, and Aura Surf Resort can put you on them. Some of the waves are so fresh they don’t even have names, and the only people you’re likely to see are the ones that are joining you on them.

At the edge of 15,000 square miles on an island eighty miles off North Sumatra lies the Aura Surf Resort. Rugged mountains creep up from behind, while the ocean’s vast expanse stretches away in front. Nearly sixty miles of pristine coastline in either direction faces a sub-marine trench that shapes swell into some of the most perfect waves on earth.

The resort consists of three bungalows and a main building, which holds a kitchen and dining area, all of it made with local material – but with modern upgrades, so you’ll have all the comforts of home. They’ve got a speed boat and a zodiac to take a maximum of fourteen surfers to an incredible variety of waves, from right out front to hidden islands accessible only by boat.

The photos above are some of Aura’s August highlights. A few WaterWays Surf Adventure passengers scored the waves of a lifetime in of the planet’s most pristine places.


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