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Editor’s Note: Check out Ace Buchan’s Guide to Precision Surfing and more courses designed by the best in surf and outdoors on Inspire Courses. The Inertia readers can enter code WELCOME10 to save 10 percent.

Surfing is hard. Making breakthroughs to improve your surfing is much harder. Like anything, it requires time and intentional effort. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still fun. It must be. That’s why we spend as much time in the water as life allows. And every once in a while we stumble upon new skills. But even those stumbles are the direct result of more time in the water. More swings at bat to learn and refine. That process can be frustrating. How many backhand barrels can we blow before it clicks? How many poorly timed turns produce a confident cutback? How many missed set waves does it take to understand the importance of positioning in the lineup?

In an effort to speed up that process, we’re excited to team up with veteran Championship Tour surfer, Ace Buchan, and Inspire Courses to create the surf class we always wished existed: Ace Buchan’s Guide to Precision Surfing.

Aside from being one of the kindest, most articulate surf souls we’ve encountered, Ace has also spent over a decade competing at the world’s highest level on the WSL’s Championship Tour. He’s won at Teahupoo and surfs with a singular level of precision that’s distinguished him among the world’s best. They don’t call him “the surgeon” for nothing. That’s why we’re so excited to launch Ace Buchan’s Guide to Precision Surfing, a course designed by Ace to help surfers – especially intermediate surfers – break through plateaus, improve faster, and have more fun.

“I designed this course to help you make improvements more quickly on your surfing journey,” says Buchan. “When we’re challenged, and we’re pushing at the edges, and we’re improving, that’s when we’re getting the most fulfillment and having the most fun.”

In 24 video lessons, Ace shares a lifetime of knowledge to improve every aspect of your surfing. In each video lesson, Ace provides detailed instruction on the following topics and more:

– Pop-Ups
– Foot Placement
– Generating Speed
– Turn Selection
– Bottom Turns
– Snaps
– Cutbacks
– Floaters
– Carves
– Turn Variations
– Re-entry/Hook (Rook)
– Combinations
– Goal Setting
– Competition Preparation
– Lineup Dynamics
– Building Your Quiver

“You really notice that confident surfers never look like they’re of two minds,” says Buchan.

By sharing his hard-earned knowledge in this course, Buchan hopes to boost your confidence to give you the tools needed to progress your surfing journey faster.

Check out Ace Buchan’s Guide to Precision Surfing now. The Inertia readers save 10 percent with code WELCOME10.


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