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The complete totality of damage to the Bahamas will not be fully known for some time it seems, but according to early reports, the damage that we do know of has been devastating. Seven people have reportedly died in the tragic storm – that paused over the Caribbean region for more than 24 hours – with many others still missing.

Powerful winds, flooding and rising ocean levels left absolute destruction as Hurricane Dorian laid waste to the area. Abaco and Grand Bahama in the northwestern Bahamas were hit even harder as the storm lingered. “It’s not just the power and ferocity of the storm, it’s also the length of time it spent over Abaco and Grand Bahama,” Marvin Dames, the minister of national security for the Bahamas told the New York Times. “That’s a disastrous outcome.”

Hurricane Dorian has left residents feeling hopeless as it moves north. “It’s like we just need to be rescued and put on another island to start over again,” said Cindy Marshall, who lives in Marsh Harbor (Abaco Islands). “Complete devastation.”

The flooding has made it extremely difficult on rescue crews. Here, a helicopter captures footage of the extreme carnage on Abaco from the air.

Editor’s Note: If you wish to donate to the American Red Cross and its Hurricane Dorian relief efforts, click here.


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