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The Inertia

Albee Layer has some thoughts. He calls them “random,” which they very well may be to the average human. But in the world of surfing, they’re very, very relevant. Hence, our new series with Albee, “Random Thoughts,” brought to you by our friends at Infinity Surfboards. Albee isn’t exactly like other pro surfers. He’d definitely have a beer with you in the parking lot post surf, or lend you some wax, or help you break into your car after hitting lock with the keys still in the ignition.

Yeah, he might be super-human in the sea, but he’s just another human on land. And like we said, he’s got thoughts. Yes, his thoughts might be different than the average surfer’s, which might make them more relevant (or not), but this is Albee as he pretty much appears any time you’d run into him.

In this opening edition of “Random Thoughts,” Albee touches on the very touchy subject in the realm of high-performance surfing of naming tricks. As Mr. Layer clearly states, there’s not really a surfing aerial done these days that hasn’t been done before on pavement or snow. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. It just has a certain aesthetic that’s unique to the ocean – articulated extremely well by one of Maui’s favorite sons. Stay tuned as we bring you more of Albee’s takes on the surfing world in the coming days.

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