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The Inertia

I’ve known SURFER magazine Photo Editor Grant Ellis long enough to call him a friend. For years, we both toiled in the same office in San Clemente, California, honing our respective crafts. He’s not a loud person. The South African certainly doesn’t come off as knowing all things about everything. But he knows a helluva lot about good surf imagery. And I’ve always respected him for his humble approach to the latter.

Grant recently posted this cool little edit with Albee Layer playing keys in the background–the Pixies’ Where Is My Mind. First, is there anything Albee is bad at? And second, how good does the piano sound to these radical little clips of Filipe Toledo, Julian Wilson, Nathan Fletcher, Derek Ho, and Eli Olson? How’s that kick stall to layback from Eli? Or Nathan’s air?

This beautiful little clip is good for the ears. And certainly easy on the eyes.


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