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Plenty has been talked about and written about the onslaught of waves blasting through Nazaré since 2018 started. Gruesome wipeouts have been delivered. Massive waves have been ridden. And one wave in particular caught some extra attention for both the story behind it as well as the elevator-like drop Alex Botelho stuck to make it all happen.

As the story goes, Saturday, January 6th, was a day some thought too big to paddle. A group of hellmen went for it anyway, mostly getting skunked. Alex Botelho was the last holdout of them all. His pay off was the wave you see above.

The Inertia reached out to Botelho to hear more about it from the man himself, and here’s what the Portuguese surfer shared:


“This day started out with light winds and clean faces. I went out with Hugo Vau, who was carefully and thankfully looking after me. But [with] us both arriving a little late, the winds turned onshore and started blowing harder. At that point, everyone left and it was just us two there with an hour of waiting and no waves surfed. Hugo pushed to stay out longer and then this right popped up. Paddling in and doing the drop, the winds picked up my board, making it feel like I was hovering down the face. Thankfully, the winds pushed the board against my feet and allowed me to stay connected.”

“After that, I tried to catch another wave, a left that I wiped out on. Jorge Leal filmed this one and was looking out for me as I broke my leash, and Hugo Vau came to pick me up to end the day. Special thanks to Hugo Vau and Jorge Leal — I wouldn’t be out there without them — and to Pedro Miranda for filming this wave.”


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