The Inertia

I love going on missions with Timmy. Him and I are crazy about seeing what’s around the corner, meaning we are always on the hunt to look a little further and find something a little more wild. This trip was absolutely perfect to get out of the normal. We drove for two days and into the real elements of Mother Nature. The ocean is so unpredictable in that area. One minute it’s sunny and howling onshore, the next it’s hailing and howling offshore. I was lucky that Timmy had been before and knew some of the ropes. We were up at 4 a.m. everyday and didn’t get home until dark. Mostly searching all day for waves.

All the elements came together a few times for us, and Timmy and I were in heaven. Surfing in a 6-mil with gloves and booties, surrounded by Redwoods is something special. Scoring crazy slabs was just the icing on top while adventuring with one of my favorite surfers.

Luckless Pedestrian: Winner of Best Selfie Ever


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