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The Inertia

Alex Knost’s style is unmistakable. It doesn’t matter how horrible your eyesight may be, you could be sitting hundreds of yards down the beach and recognize those hips being thrown out on a single fin, feet in constant motion, lanky arms punctuating every movement.

Most surfers rely on stillness and calm to appear as in control as possible. We try not to wiggle too much. We try to keep the arms from flailing. We try oh so hard to pose in the most coordinated way possible to put on a relaxed performance. Some of us are just faking it. But rarely can a person move their body as much and as often as Alex Knost and still look this graceful. There’s nothing impressive about the waves at Old Man’s on this day — which isn’t exactly a revelation for the classic Southern California wave — but there is certainly plenty of entertainment provided by Knost’s very, very unique style.

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