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The Inertia

Alex Knost does not strive to be like everyone else. He doesn’t want to walk the same road the masses are on. He doesn’t want to listen to Top 40 hits, doesn’t want to wear the newest fad, and he doesn’t want to surf like everyone else. Alex Knost wants to do whatever he wants to do. He wants to make the music he wants to listen to. He wants to wear the clothes he designs. Surf the boards he shapes the way he wants to surf them. Alex Knost wants to be an original. And he’s doing it.

Surfing, depending on how you look at it, is an artistic endeavor. Like creating a painting or a song, it’s an outlet. Surfing’s little sub-culture is full of strange, beautiful things, and Knost immerses himself in them.

“Much like his imaginative, eccentric surfing techniques, Knost’s artworks challenge relationships between texture and color while breaking the regiment of art forms,” wrote the folks over at Vans about the video you see above. “For this project, he created a film of surfing and the exploration of dissonant sounds.”


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