The Inertia

I recently set off to the coast of West Africa for a “surfari” when I suddenly found myself on a wild quest to uncover the incredible true story behind my favorite childhood fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. It took me from the middle of a volcano in the Canary Islands to the castle of King Henry II in France, and I managed to get a few waves in between!

Like many little girls, I looked up to Belle, our heroine of the story, since she is strong, smart, and driven. With my film and photo series, I hope to inspire women to persevere on their own path to success and happiness. Part of that is not letting the negativity and judgment of others prevent them from achieving their greatest dreams.

My Alison’s Adventure film series educates through entertainment. Today’s media is bombarded with examples of cyberbullying and physical hatred. This story imparts the lesson that we must not judge a person by their appearance.


Many mahalos to EVERYONE who made this dream a reality.

King Henry II’s castle apparently has one security weakness: paddling the moat on a surfboard. Photo: Alex Voye

Written, directed, edited, produced by Alison Teal
Music by Melissa Melching and James Snider
Photography by Frederic Amadu & Alex Voyer
Cinematography by Alex Voyer, Jacques Van As, Emma Bourke

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