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All Los Angeles County Beaches Are Now Closed

This is a sight you’ll see less of for at least the next two weeks. Photo: Lauren Dunn

The Inertia

Following the lead of San Diego County, Los Angeles officials today announced that all beaches throughout the county would be temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, meaning surfers must stay out of the water. The move was easy to see coming after news over the weekend of thousands visiting area beaches without adhering to social distancing guidelines.

“The crowds we saw at our beaches last weekend were unacceptable,” said Janice Hahn with the County of Los Angeles in a written statement to media. “In order to save lives, beaches in L.A. County will be temporarily closed.”

Officials say the closure goes into effect immediately and runs through at least April 19, as stated by L.A. County  Department of Public Health. “We cannot risk another sunny weekend with crowds at the beach spreading this virus,” Hahn said.

Cases of COVID-19 have tripled in less than a week in L.A. said Barbara Ferrer with the Department of Public Health, from 409 to 1,465. “I ask that you help us by not going to out to beaches and not going on our hiking trails at least for the next few weeks while we, again, try desperately to slow the spread of COVID-19,” Ferrer said Thursday.


According to reports, beaches will reopen by the above date only if conditions are deemed safe by public health officials.





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