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The Inertia

If the wave at the Surf Ranch is made for anyone’s style of surfing, it’s made for Filipe Toledo’s. It’s fast and it’s not extraordinarily big. Enough face for big turns, enough space for airs, and a ridiculously long barrel section. Filipe Toledo, as you likely know by now, won the Surf Ranch Pro recently, and he did it by surfing way better than everyone else.

The World Surf League tacked together his best rides over the course of the event, and when watched all together, it’s proof that he’s not only an extraordinarily talented surfer, but he’s a gamesman as well.

“Understanding the importance of pacing himself throughout the event, his two final waves were his two highest-scoring waves of the day,” the WSL wrote. “Tearing apart the right with the speed, precision, and air game he’s renowned for, the judges tossed him a 9.67. He backed it up with an 8.27 on the left. And for one of the few times this season, Medina was left without an answer.”

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