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Jojo Roper is a busy guy. Between chasing swells as a professional big wave surfer, staying fit, and working his 9-to-5 repairing boards at the family shop in San Diego, there is a lot of gear he needs to haul around. That’s why he installed the DECKED Drawer System – it lets him fill the bed of his pickup with whatever he needs for the day at hand, while keeping everything secure and organized.

Designed for active folks who need a better way to store their gear, DECKED is made up of two full bed-length drawers with a 200-pound payload each. The smooth rolling drawers offer secure storage, including optional drawer locks, so you can have peace of mind for the items you leave behind. “Everything is locked in the drawers for me. I have an open bed truck so I need to have everything locked up 24/7, as there is a lot of personal value in there,” says Jojo.

DECKED Drawer System


The full-bed-length drawers with modular accessories offers versatility to the way Jojo uses them each day. “I use the DECKED organizers differently depending upon my schedule. If I’m following the surf, I’m packing the drawers with my everyday surf stuff on one side: fins, leashes, wax, wetsuits, booties, towels and most importantly my large first aid kit. When I have the Jet Ski hitched on the truck for chasing waves, drawer number two fills up with tow ropes, anchor, swim fins, rescue sled ropes, rinse kits, and all the other accessories that the day requires.”

DECKED also creates a flat surface over the wheel wells, providing more space for coolers, work equipment, or even a sleeping platform. A pile of surfboards is no match for the 2,000-pound payload on the top of the drawer deck. “My favorite feature has to be the strength of it all,” says Jojo, “between the drawers being sturdy enough to rip open and slam shut, to being able to handle a heavy load on top. All the gear and people standing on top with no stress.”

Along for the Ride with Jojo Roper

A day in the life of Jojo Roper can take you a lot of places… Photo: Nico Campagna

Beyond its sheer load-bearing capability, there’s no need to worry about leaving the DECKED system out in the elements; the whole system is fully weatherproof, be it from the recent Southern California rain or from hosing down sandy gear at the end of the day. And when it’s time to roll up to the repair shop, Jojo’s happy to know his masks and sander are dry, secure, and right where he left them.

The drawers won’t open when the tailgate is closed, and the organizers inside the drawers keep your items in place even when you’re on the go. And with a simple DIY assembly, the entire system fits like a glove in the bed of your truck – all you have to do is specify the make, model, and year of your vehicle, and a perfect fit will be delivered right to your front door (with free shipping and a lifetime warranty).

Organized truck bed DECKED

Organization, the DECKED way. Photo: DECKED

If you’re looking to get even more organization and features, DECKED has an entire accessory line, complete with drawer locks, tool-box trays, traction mats, and more, so you can tailor your setup to your truck and your needs. Organizing your truck for whatever the day might have in store for you – surfing, work, camping, or otherwise – has never been this easy.

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