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The Inertia

Travel is a strange thing right now. Since there’s a virus burning its way through the global population, there are a few hoops one has to jump through in order to touch down in a different country. But for those willing to jump through the hoops and risk sitting in a flying metal tube with other potential carriers, the rewards are many — especially for surfers.

For CT surfers, the lack of WSL events has meant a few things: either they’re in the process of being tourists in their own towns or they’re jumping through those hoops to score big. The waiting period for the Teahupoo Pro was supposed to be Aug 26 – Sep 6, and as you know, waiting periods are generally within a historically decent swell window so in early September, Leonardo Fioravanti and Aritz Aranburu decided they’d go, contest or not. To enter Tahiti, you need to present a negative COVID-19 test. Then, four days after entry, you need to take another one. Fioravanti and Aranburu met up with Kauli Vaast for a strike mission of epic proportions.


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