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The Inertia

It takes a lot of special weather prerequisites for a swell to build in Lake Ontario, but it takes even more special factors for fresh water to turn into clean, peeling lines. As lake surfers we know we have to be patient, observe, get ready, and drive to enjoy a freshie. This past Sunday all the requirements were met to provide an amazing time for us to get a short bit of relief from what’s been a harsh winter. In fact, the ice that covered the lake had just melted from the past few warm days we had. Enough for us to think of surfing our favorite playground again, at least Lake Ontario, as Lake Erie still has some ice.

The forecast showed a great east wind all night and a rare southwest wind switch after sunrise. It was an early one and a short window as swells from an east wind tend to decrease fast after first light.

My buddy Ryan Osman, Patou, Scott Johns and I were in contact. They were ready and excited to surf and try new cameras in the water.

The drive was dark and under the rain but the sunrise offered great light and beautiful 3 to 4 feet waves. The wind switch happened as predicted and it was magical.


Like most great sessions around here, we ended up at Tim Horton’s around chili and an espresso for me. As lake surfers we always have a blast but that session was one for the books.

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