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The Inertia

The World Surf League is a big machine. There are a lot of cogs, a lot of wheels, and a lot of moving parts. In order to run an event in (hopefully) prime conditions at the drop of a hat, that machine needs a lot of grease. The people who work there could be considered that grease. If they’re doing things right, the machine runs smoothly.

They are, of course, human beings with thoughts and opinions. They all know surfing. They know the ins and outs, the twists and turns, the stories behind the surfers. They’re surf fans — otherwise, they wouldn’t work for the World Surf League. That’s why, we assume, the WSL fired up The Break Room, a new offshoot of The Lineup. It features Dave Prodan, as usual, as well as Lyndsey Volk, Henry ‘Hendo’ Bayer, Kim Hogan, Daniel Willon, and Ryan Faucett.

It’s an interesting look at the people behind the WSL. It’s just a conversation that’s likely to happen in a break room of a surf-centric workplace, and topics include the crazy Australian Leg, Morgan Cibilic’s unexpected rise from unknown rookie to legitimate Final 5 contender, and a tie in the rankings that could alter the women’s World Title race. They then dive into how different Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira, and Tyler Wright feel this season and, perhaps most interestingly, a debate on a very unpopular opinion about John John Florence’s future on tour. Finally, they answer listener questions about what it’s like to actually work for the World Surf League.

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