The Inertia

Crystal clear warm water, palm tree jungles, and perfect waves… Indonesia has always been my dream surf trip. Ever since I started surfing I can remember seeing photos of people getting perfect barrels under a tropical blue sky and finally this summer, it was my turn to take part in this Dreamland.

I was given a special opportunity from Red9 to go and test out a new device that could potentially change the way we view surfing. The Red9 concept answers the question: how can surfers measure and understand their performance? Red9’s mission is to offer athletes access to advanced scientific analysis in the form of easy-to-use tools. In surfing, every move counts, and this data will allow surfers to understand, improve and share every movement.

But understanding your abilities as a surfer requires both qualitative and quantitative analysis. While Red9 has helped me understand my movements in the water, there’s so much more to it — things a computer won’t analyze or comprehend. It takes feel, intuition, guts, and determination to surf most of Indonesia and I learned a few lessons along the way.

As a resource for any first timers making their Indo pilgrimage I put together some of my favorite photos from the trip and some 101 Pro Tips for how to get by in Indo and maximize your experience. These photos and annotations offer an Indo 101 guide rooted in my own experience. Surely everyone will have their own but these are some of the things I learned.

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