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The Inertia

The Wavestorm has sparked a worldwide trend. Once considered to be a craft reserved for beginners, now it’s not uncommon to see rippers electing to take out foamies over high performance surfboards, even on days when the waves are firing – all because, well, surfing is fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Team Wavestorm embodies that mantra. It’s an Instagram account, a movement, a lifestyle. For a deeper look into the team we spoke to the anonymous Captain of Team Wavestorm who sits at the helm of the foam ship that is this movement.

Can you tell me a bit about Team Wavestorm?

Team Wavestorm is surfing’s new counter-culture. We are generally looked down upon and even hated at nearly every surf break around the world, but we couldn’t care less. We are catching more waves than everyone, and having the time of our lives during every session. Surfing is all about having fun, being open minded, and escaping the dismal realities and even boring every-day lives that we all face. Many surfers have forgotten this – something that we never will do as we lose our egos and cruise around on an 8-foot, pinstriped foam surfboard.

What inspired you to start the team?


Seeing people get intimidated and shooed away from lineups simply because they rode a different board than other people. We wanted them to have a support system, and become inspired by what other people are doing on Wavestorms. We wanted these surfers not to lose sight of the real purpose of getting in the water.

It seems like a huge honor to even be considered for Team Wavestorm. How does the team select the best of the best?

Yeah, it definitely is. Being “Welcomed to the Team” can be a life-changing experience for some. Everyone is welcome to join the team, but we like to especially feature the riders that embody Team Wavestorm’s deepest values. Some of which are: having fun, getting barreled, sticking it to the man, and sharing the “true” meaning of surfing with those around them.

Any chance of working with the WSL in the future? Maybe an all Wavestorm heat at the Pipe Masters? Or pushing to let ‘CT guys add a Wavestorm to their quiver for days when the waves don’t show up?

We are actually starting our own World Tour. Free-surfs only. Everyone invited. No exceptions. We are ironing out the details but it is highly likely that Lunada Bay will be our first stop… Stay tuned on our Instagram @teamwavestorm.


Be sure to follow Team Wavestorm on Instagram. And got a shot of you ripping on a Wavestorm? Consider submitting it for consideration for one of the highest honors in surfing – being welcomed to the team.


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