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First and foremost, major props need to go out to the crew at SNAPT4 for their music selection in and out of their latest episode. While Sinatra swooning Fly Me to the Moon may not be the first thing that comes to mind as the soundtrack of a surf vlog, being Palm Springs’ coolest and most famous resident ever means the former Rat Packer deserves a nod from all things Palm Springs Surf Club from now on.

Speaking of Palm Springs Surf Club, being the next new hot spot in surfing means we’re all getting a little jittery with every new test session and every new clip that drops from the place. It’s not surprising that there is a buzz around the desert wave pool, but if there’s anybody who won’t let us all get too carried away with the hype, it’s Simon Rex. Rather than the usual fist pumps and hoots we’re used to seeing every time a bunch of freak athletes turn a wave pool into their personal jungle gym, Salmon Boy’s waiting in the wings to knock everybody down a peg. Hater? Absolutely not. It’s tough to imagine that Ian Crane, Eithan Osborne, Parker Coffin, and Cheyne Magnusson weren’t pushing things just a little bit harder with Rex chirping at them nonstop.

So it begs the question: would surf broadcasts be more entertaining with their own version of the wrestling heel in every announcer’s booth?

One thing that is not a question, however, is that more surf edits and vlogs should feature Frank Sinatra. They absolutely should.


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