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The Inertia

Check your speed setting up for the barrel. Be careful not to be traveling too fast or you’ll fly right by it. But also be careful not to be moving too slow because it’ll eat you up. Don’t dig on those stalls too hard. Know when and the wave face in front of you has enough open space for a proper turn…make sure you do any and all of these things on a wave at the Surf Ranch but, oh yeah, make sure you do them all correctly. Because if you don’t, you’re not getting barreled. And since that’s pretty much priority number one for anybody who’s patiently waited years to be let inside the doors of Kelly’s wave factory, trust us, driving out of Lemoore empty-handed could be a bummer.

You’ve seen a million and one highlights and edits from the Ranch and they’re typically of the check-out-how-easy-this-looks variety. Truth is, the value of a facility like KSWC’s Surf Ranch is that repetition allows athletes to hammer down the technical points of surfing in ways that can’t possibly exist without wave pools. Anastasia Ashley demonstrates that in her first visit to the Surf Ranch, showing how the slightest misjudgment is what stands between you and getting barreled. Kinda helps you realize that getting properly shacked in the ocean has to be as much technical skill and awareness as complete blind luck.


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