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Anastasia Ashley's interview on "Here's the Rub"

Anastasia Ashley’s interview on “Here’s the Rub”

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Andrew Santino created a pretty entertaining alter ego in Nikolai Popov. The Russian TV personality with a simple dream of moving to America to become famous is living all his heart’s desires. He’s nabbed his own talk show and gets to hang with everybody from The Mountain to Swaggy P. and P. Rod. Apparently, he also wanted to learn to surf, but Kelly Slater wasn’t available.

“So I’m like the…”

“Fifth person we asked,” Popov tells Anastasia Ashley.

Aside from Anastasia attempting to give Nikolai his first lesson, here are a few things we learn about her in a day of hanging out with an awkward Russian dude: Guys have tried to fight her, she likes vodka (double shots preferred), she likes getting massages more than awkwardly watching other people get them, and sadly, she’s not up to date on her Warren G. lyrics.


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