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Anastasia Ashley is probably better known as a model than a surfer outside the surfing world. Rather, she’s known as the surfer who models–but in the surf world she’s becoming the model who surfs. And for some strange reason, because she’s modeling, people assume she can’t surf. Which is just plain wrong. While she does do things like body painting for SI, which doesn’t do much to help her image in some people’s eyes, don’t forget that she can definitely ride waves much better than most.

She surfs really, really well. She charges on huge waves. Watch this:

She wears massive wipeouts like a badge of honor. And watch this, too:

Back in 2014, Anastasia Ashley showed up on the pages of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. Since then, she’s made a splash (meant to say that) in a whole bunch of different places, including SI’s Hot Clicks. So whether you love her or hate her, it’s time to stop denying that Anastasia Ashley surfs just because she models.


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