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Serginho Laus is a Brazilian surfer who specializes in riding tidal bores. Specifically the Pororoca Tidal Bore on the Amazon. River. He’s surfed it, and foiled it, and recently, he did a board transfer we don’t often see at Pororoca – a foil to to shortboard transfer you have to witness to believe.

Due to being elevated on the foil, one can’t just step off on a surfboard. You have to dive off then pop up, a technique you can see Laus performs flawlessly. The tidal bore can produce waves up to 12 feet high at times with stellar conditions. Of course currents and the treacherous bank that the inflowing water rushes past make this a challenging spot to surf. “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results,” wrote Laus, who quoted Albert Einstein in a recent post. “In #pororoca it is like this !!! A wild training center.”

You can see Laus talking about the bore for a 2019 CNN feature, below.


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