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Puerto Escondido (aka “Mexican Pipeline”) may arguably host some of the biggest surf of any sand-bottom beach break in the world. And when it’s thumping, there’s no shortage of big wave chargers who swoop in from around the world for a taste.

Over the years, though, the place has cultivated its fair share of local talent, too. Coco Nogales may be Puerto’s most highly-recognizable patriarch, but then there’s up-and-comer Angelo Lozano who, if his highlight reel is any indication, has the cojones of a lion.

We’re not far from the time of year the Southern Hemi begins to crank, so consider this a preview of what’s to come. If you keep your eyes peeled on clips from Oaxaca this summer, we reckon you’re bound to see Angelo mount a few Mexi-Pipe monsters.


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