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The Inertia

Of all the waves in the world, it takes a lot for one of them to be world-class. Uluwatu, though, is nothing if not that. In the early days of the pandemic, when travel to Bali was all but shut down, surfers there were blessed with a pretty extraordinary run of swell. August, however, slowed things down a bit, but on August 25, the volume got turned up again. Not to sizes that send Average Joes running for the hills, but just to a perfect pitch.

It was the best we’ve seen it in weeks,” wrote Surfers of Bali, “with a great mix of barrels and smooth overhead walls breaking from Main Peak down to the Racetrack section.”

It was good, to say the least. Or, as Surfers of Bali called it, “Champagne Uluwatu.”

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