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Just three weeks ago URBNSURF announced they’d be opening Australia’s first Wavegarden surf park in MelbourneHere we are less than a month later and now they’ve shared their plans to build another park in Sydney, set to open in 2018.

The new park will be built at Sydney Olympic Park, a venue that already hosts more than 5,000 events annually according to the URBNSURF Sydney website. “Sydney is blessed with a large number of surfing beaches, but access to those beaches and crowding in the line-up is becoming an increasing issue,” they wrote. “URBNSURF Sydney will provide an authentic alternative to ocean based surfing and provide another opportunity for Sydney based surfers and those wanting to learn to surf to surf more safely, more easily and more often.” The announcement, along with local news reports, point out both the thinning out of crowds at local beaches as well as the safety “from marine life” as a way to attract visitors.

A development application is still underway for the new project, which URBNSURF says they’ll submit sometime this year. Once approved they hope to start construction by mid-2017 and open their doors to the public by mid-2018.

As for the park itself, URBNSURF Sydney’s main lagoon will be built with a north-south orientation, which they think will suit prevailing winds in the area. It will have LED lighting specifically designed for night surfing, and like other Wavegarden parks they’ve designed the facility to operate as eco friendly as possible with renewable energy and water saving systems.



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