There are days, and then there are days. Last week down in Baja saw one of those days. As people took sides and bickered back and forth about the election, we loaded up long before dawn and hit the road in search of solace.

From sunup to sundown, mid-summer temps and Santa Ana winds met a winter swell. Howling offshores careened with double and triple overhead surf at a heavy beach break, keeping barrels open just long enough.

We headed south with Ted Robinson, Brad Ettinger, Bobby Okvist and his brother Shaun, met up with Cameron Faris. We weren’t the only ones headed to Mex, and we crossed paths with Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Damien Hobgood, Josh Kerr, and a few others – all doing step offs in some epic offshore conditions.

It seems more people know where to look than ever before, and even though surfers had to battle 15 to 20 other step-off teams and their skis for position and waves in the heavy beach break lineup, there was more than enough to be had for all south of the border.


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