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Kelly Slater is a very good golfer. Not even very good in comparison with an average golfer. He’s very good even when his numbers are put up against other very good golfers. And, as a very good golfer, he spends a lot of time golfing. Much like surfing, the only way to get better at golf is by golfing a lot. And so golf he does. He also rubs shoulders with a few wildly-famous people because he’s wildly famous, but none so famous as President Barack Obama. Who, as it turns out, also swings a club. And apparently, they were swinging clubs together recently.

Slater, like any good friend would do, took the opportunity to make a short video for Anderson Paak, presumably with the intention of making him jealous of the fact that Kelly Slater was golfing with Barack-freaking-Obama. And guess what? The Obama household is a big fan of Anderson Paak.


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