Albino Rhinno/Activist

The Inertia

The state of California just lucked out. You’re not going to like where I am going with this, but trust me, it will make things a lot easier. The waves this morning are gonna be small, and they might even suck. While on any other day of the week, this isn’t welcome news, on Tuesday, June 5th, it means that you can get all up in on American democracy. That’s right. It’s the primary election! And you won’t have to have any inner turmoil about going for a surf and then accidentally not making it to your polling place on time. Silver linings, right?

As surfers and ocean lovers, we at Blue Uprising know a few things are for certain. One–you’re going to head the direction that you focus your gaze in. We set our own destinies–we create lifestyles that support our passions, connect us to nature and leave us stoked and salty. What would we even do without the ocean? Better question–what will we do if the ocean is steeped in even more garbage, or an oil spill happens at our home break?

We each create our paths in different ways. While I may not be able to set sail in the wilds for years, like the inspirational Liz Clark, we can make a difference by stepping up to the plate when it matters. And Tuesday, it matters. I love the way Liz talks about her revelation on how difficult it can be to choose how we are going to make an impact. Sometimes it’s all so overwhelming. In her book Swell, Liz says:


“It’s overwhelming, really. I want to dedicate myself to a specific environmental cause, but it feels impossible to pick just one. They’re all so interconnected and complex, and I know I’m up against huge forces of greed. All that’s in my power right now is to change myself.”

We all have a lot of ways to empower ourselves to improve the world, and this week, voting is one of them. So don’t be a barney and go vote.


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