The Inertia

By now, we’ve all heard the news that Pipeline’s for the girls. The women of the Pipe Pro firmly planted a flag in the ground that’s not coming up any time soon.

However, the historic performance from the women’s roster is all the more impressive for managing to overshadow a men’s event that had its fair share of excitement. Perhaps the most memorable moment was Barron Mamiya’s perfect 10-point ride.

The wave came in the final heat, where Mamiya faced off against Pipeline mainstay John John Florence. Florence went into the final as the overwhelming favorite to win, and his first 7.33 score against Mamiya’s 6.00 seemed to back that up. As Mamiya recounted on the beach afterwards, that was when he knew he’d have to go as deep as possible on the next wave to try to up the ante.

So, at the next opportunity, he committed. In fact, he initially thought he may have gone too far. “I realized I was so deep when I took off,” he explained. “I did this huge pump at the bottom, or something. I felt like the lip of the wave hit me and I was like ‘whoah.’

“The whole barrel was white,” he went on. “I was about to jump, because I was like ‘This is kind of sketchy,’ but then I just stayed on and it pushed me through. I came out and I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it.”


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