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If you haven’t watched professional skier Chris Benchetler’s recent Grateful Dead-inspired opus, Fire on the Mountain, you may want to bookmark it.

For the flick, Benchetler assembled a cast of greats including Kimmy Fasani, Jeremy Jones, Danny Davis, AND Rob Machado to ride an isolated part of Mammoth Mountain at night in fluorescing skeleton-like suits as a pinwheel of colors refracted across the hillside. Now, Machado is a competent snowboarder, no doubt, but part of the film required that Rob also head to Indonesia to replicate the effects of the Mammoth scene at night in the ocean, and the footage that got snipped from the film may just turn you into a Dead Head. Or, at the very least, consider the merits (*cough* no crowds) of a light-up wetsuit and surfboard at a playful left point in Indo.


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