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For most, Beirut inevitably conjures up images of shellings and destruction that plagued the city during the Lebanese Civil War from 1975 to 1990. Hell, Beer Pong is alternatively, and admittedly insensitively, called Beirut for the game’s resemblance to bombs dropped on buildings (yeesh).

It’s been nearly three decades since peace was established in Lebanon, and ever since Beirut has returned to its state as a hustling bastion of multiculturalism in the Middle East. Razed buildings have been rebuilt. And flowers have emerged from the rubble. Case in point: Adrien Toyon.

Born amidst a shelling in a hospital in Beirut in 1989, Toyon and his family relocated to Reunion Island a few years later. Now, he’s returned to his former home town in search of a mythical slab called “Yours.” Forget what you thought you knew about the Med.


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