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The Inertia

On Wednesday morning, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino tower was demolished. It was a derelict complex; 34-stories of crumbling legacy attached to a man who divided a nation, a man with a crumbling legacy of his own. The building, as the name implies, was once part of Donald Trump’s failed casino empire, an empire that declared bankruptcy four times in an industry that is basically a license to print money. At 9:07 a.m., a dozen blasts were triggered, knocking the legs from the building and sending it tumbling to the ground in an enormous cloud of dust. And Ben Gravy was there, watching from the water.

“The Trump Plaza, a building that’s been an Atlantic City staple, was imploded and collapsed while I was in the lineup surfing,” Gravy wrote. “Blair Conklin is currently visiting from California and is pretty much in awe of this event, but when the offshore wind starting blowing explosion debris into the surf I had to quite literally leave him in the dust!”


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