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The Inertia

If you know anything about Ben Graeff, it’s that he’s infatuated with what he calls “novelty waves.” We imagine it’s the product of combining his sometimes flat spell-enduring life on the East Coast with abnormal levels of froth, motivating the guy to basically surf anything and everything that looks like a breaking wave. Boat wake? He’s done it. A tiny little wedge that runs into a jetty and pushes over a few boulders? Been there. Shooting the pier? Child’s play. There is actually nothing the guy won’t try to surf.

Well, as it turns out, Graeff’s ultimate novelty wave lives on the opposite side of the country: Fort Point. Sitting right underneath the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, it breaks inside the San Francisco Bay after wrapping around a masonry seacoast fortification built just before the Civil War. There’s nothing normal about the wave and the locals aren’t exactly known for being friendly to top it all off. But according to Gravy, the reputation didn’t match up to his experience.

“I’m not gonna lie, we were totally mistaken. The locals out there were actually rather embracing,” he says. Adding, “Don’t let these perceptions and ideas intimidate you or try to scare you out of living your life. If you want to go do something, go do it.”


Of course, it’s important to point out the Ben’s a pretty happy-go-lucky guy with an infectious level of stoke. It’s a safe bet that bringing that into the water with you always makes it easier for the locals to roll out a welcome mat.


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