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The Inertia

You know when a dog has a ball in its mouth and it’s looking at you like it would be the happiest thing on earth if you would just throw it? “THROWTHEBALLPLEASETHROWIT” the dog says. “ITWILLMAKEMESOHAPPYPLEASETHROWTHEBALL.”

That’s Ben Gravy. There is no one more stoked, it seems, than him. Give him anything made of water with a slope on it, and Ben Gravy is staring at it like that dog with the ball in its mouth. Gravy watched the forecast with glee as a very large swell barreled towards the New Jersey coastline. And when it hit, things were pretty much as expected. Gravy frothed. Frothed hard. “ITWILLMAKEMESOHAPPYPLEASELETMERIDETHEWAVE,” is what was going through his head.


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