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Nobody has ever said, “the wind is literally nuking and the waves are ankle high,” with as much excitement and enthusiasm as Ben Gravy. Nobody else would classify that as “scoring,” either, but this is exactly why the world loves the guy so much. There’s a level of stoke that’s fueled him to now surf 47 of our 50 states. That’s an impressive feat when you consider only 20 states (including Alaska and Hawaii) touch the ocean, and technically speaking Connecticut and Pennsylvania only actually have “coastal access” by definition. Not exactly geographical setups ripe with “nuking” waves.

Nonetheless, Gravy just crossed Nevada off his to-do list on a whim. “It’s about to be what you call a full-blown novelty,” he said during his drive across the California state line into Nevada.

It starts with Gravy on a visit to Southern California and your typical “it’s on” phone call from a friend. Only the friend is calling from an elevation of 6,225 feet above sea level in Lake Tahoe. If you’re not familiar with your Californa geography, that’s give or take ten hours of driving from Cardiff. The conditions were mixing up just right for a potential surf, though, so Gravy rolled the dice, made the drive up the coast and into the mountains, and scored. All this just in time to jam out of the water and hit the road again before a giant snowstorm plowed through the Sierra Nevadas.


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