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Some fellas on this planet live on a physically gigantic scale. Narrabeen-native-turned-North-Shore resident, Ben Wilkinson, is one such man. While Wilkinson, intimidating in stature and gentle by nature, has earned the respect of the global big-wave surfing community for gutsy performances at waves like Jaws, Maverick’s, and Cortes Bank, his commitment to large scale craft on land makes him an especially rich addition to the diverse cast of characters who scour the planet in search of monstrous surf.

Because Wilkinson makes furniture. Not any furniture. He creates gorgeous custom pieces from salvaged wood for clients around the world. What began as a practical means to an end – carpentry paid Ben’s bills when riding waves wouldn’t – ultimately transformed into a dedication to craft. The results are stunning.

Wilkinson continues to innovate in surf of consequence – championing progression by way of smaller boards in big waves. It’s precisely his alternative approach to big-wave surfing and to art that keeps things interesting.

Editor’s Note: This episode of CREATORS was made in partnership with Patagonia.


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