The Inertia

Shane, Noah, and Koda are unquestionably one of surfing’s greatest father-son squads. From the legacy of Shane to the natural endowment of his frothy groms, Noah and Koda, the entire family is brimming with humble talent.

The three amigos can be found practically every day ripping the variety of breaks around their home on the North Shore of Oahu. It’s much less often, however, to see the three shredding together so far from Hawaiian soil. Recently, the trio made time to surf a standing wave while on a layover at the Munich airport in Germany. And the show that ensued was amazing, to say the very least.

“This deep-water standing wave is one of a kind in its ability to deliver a quality wave, safe environment to learn, and cost effective solution to supplying waves to the masses,” said the filmmaker, Aaron Leiber. “Not to mention, a lot of fun for Shane, Noah, and Koda, who you can see are having blast slashing away at this modern day wave pool.”

While there’s a sense of excitement associated with man-made waves at the moment, it’s important to recognize the technology is still very much in its adolescence. By the time Noah and Koda are adults, artificial surf will be quite the norm, and held to a much greater scale and quality, mind you. Come to think of it, Noah and Koda will likely be excellent candidates if professional surfing were to choose an Olympic future in man-made waves. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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