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The Inertia

While people moan about the world getting smaller, I try to focus on the positives. Sure, the local break is busier than it used to be, but now more than ever, we have the means to live out our surf fantasies and visit the spots we have always dreamed of surfing.

With so many options available it can be hard to know where to head for your next tube time, so to give you a helping hand, the team at Surf Holidays put heads together to identify two of the best surf destinations for May, from remote tropical paradises churning out crystal clear tubes to inner-city locales that have pumping waves integrated with all the sights and experiences of a modern city. Check them out below.

Option #1: Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

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The Mentawai Islands are widely considered the world’s best tropical surf destination, not only because of the seemingly unlimited number of perfect wave set-ups, but also the sheer beauty of the tropical landscapes, pristine waters, perfect weather, and relaxed lifestyle that make the islands the holy grail of surf trips.


It’s basically bathwater, and it’s home to the world’s best waves, Greenbush, Macaroni’s, No Kandui’s, Bank Vaults, Rifles and Hollow Trees are just some of the star-studded breaks that litter the islands, with more world-class breaks waiting to be discovered.

The lineups are mainly visiting surfers, and when a solid swell pours in you can expect to see at least a few pros pulling into turquoise barrels. With so many breaks scattered around, the crowds never get too thick, as you can just go around the corner and find your own empty set up, and with the dry season in full swing, the offshore winds will have somewhere firing all day where you can find waves between shoulder height to heaving triple-overhead pits.

Your Mentawai experience can be done in two ways: You can stay at a land-based surf camp, which gives you more creature comforts and allows you to meet new people with activities like exploring the inland jungles and wildlife.


The other option is the costlier surf boat charter, which will see you staying on a boat and sailing between breaks, searching out the perfect line-ups 24/7 with the most knowledgeable boat captains on the islands, giving you the best access to the world’s best waves.

Getting there:

The way into the Mentawai Islands is through Padang on the West Coast of Sumatra. The airport there has daily connecting flights from Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Once there, a variety of ferry ports offering boat rides of varying speeds are available, depending on your budget and where you’re going.

Best places to surf and stay in the Mentawai Islands:




Editor’s Note: This feature was done in partnership with our friends at Surf Holidays.



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