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Have you seen Rip Curl’s #MyBikini series? It is women who surf very well on very good waves. Of course, it’s a vehicle to sell #morebikinis, but hey, what isn’t an ad these days? At least ads these days are disguised as (sometimes) interesting content, so we get to be inundated with branding while staring mindlessly at a glowing screen. It’s a marketer’s dream!

Anyway, Rip Curl sent a handful of up-and-comers to Bali, including Kirra-Belle Olssen, Kobie Enright, Molly Picklum, Leah Thompson, Alyssa Spencer, Brisa Hennesy, Leilani McGonagle, and Ella Williams to Bali where they surfed very well on those very good waves. They wore things that someone will be upset about and other people will think look nice, and they scraped their bums on the reef, which someone else might be upset about and someone else will think the upset person is being too sensitive. Then, after a while, someone at Rip Curl decided they should send in the big guns, Bethany Hamilton, Alana Blanchard, and Nikki van Dijk, who also surfed very well on more very good waves.


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