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Candles! Bethany! Sticky Bumps!

Candles! Bethany! Sticky Bumps!

The Inertia

If you’re anything like most surfers, you have a wax preference. And, depending on where you live, that wax preference probably leans towards Sticky Bumps. Sure, if one were to judge on taglines alone, it’s not the best for your stick, but who still uses Mr. Zoggs? Well, Sticky Bumps also make candles, for you firebugs out there.

Anyway, as it turns out, Sticky Bumps is also in the candle market, for obvious reasons. After all, they probably have an excess of great smelling wax kicking around, and candles are comprised entirely of wax. And guess who’s throwing her weight behind the new line of Sticky Bumps candles? Bethany Hamilton!

“We worked closely with Bethany to get the look, feel and scents of the candles to match what Bethany would have in her own home,” Sticky Bumps said in a statement. “The scents we developed were with Bethany’s beloved Kauai in mind. The candles are made of a 100% all-natural soy/meadowfoam wax blend, are hand-poured in our San Diego factory, and the glass is totally re-usable.”

Despite the obvious question (what the hell is “meadowfoam”?) for those of you who enjoy a good-smelling candle, this is good news.


Some of the scents include “Hanalei Valley” Tuberose, “Queen’s Bath” Coconut Milk, and “The Garden Isle.” They’re not exactly cheap, though, but candles quite often are more expensive than one would think. Bethany’s will run you about $30, and they apparently last for 60 hours.

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