In the second round at Cloudbreak, Bethany Hamilton eliminated Tyler Wright, who is leading the women's leader board, and she was just getting warmed up.

Bethany surfing Cloudbreak, Fiji

The Inertia


Bethany Hamilton is one of the most inspiring surfers (and people) of all time. She’s had many wild ideas, from continuing to surf despite losing her left arm, to surfing giant waves at Jaws in Maui, to starting a non-profit to help others, having a baby, speaking in front of more than 20 thousand people and now, making a movie, Unstoppable. Because wild ideas require wild living, this interview was done from a cell phone on an island, so the sound is not perfect, but the message is still clear: Nothing gets in the way of Bethany Hamilton achieving her dreams.

Listen to this episode of Wild Ideas Worth Living if:
-Are a Bethany Hamilton fan.
-Are curious how long she can hold her breath.
-Want to know how Bethany juggles her schedule.
-Want to hear some of Bethany’s tricks and tips to life and surfing.


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