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The ’80s were by far the coolest time in surfing. Clothes were bright and tight, and Occy was King. Zinka covered noses and cheeks and the future looked as bright as the clothes. Billabong had just taken its first steps into surfwear greatness. The ’80s were the time when the company went international. Now, of course, the big surf brands are falling apart at the seams, being bought up by Oaktree Capital, and hanging on for dear life.

The video above is a throwback to the good ol’ days in Venice when rollerskating was all the rage. Laura Enever, Josie Prendergast, Alessa Quizon, and Felicity Palmateer donned their finest high-hipped suits while Occy, Italo Ferreira, Tyler Warren and Griffin Colapinto hang out in the background, testing out their acting chops.


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